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The Positive Power Of Hope: Leaders Inspire Teams And Improve Relationships


When a person has ‘hope’ they create an opportunity to improve their lives and make it better in some way. Hope gets people through uncertain situations personally and professionally. More importantly, envisioning a better future motivates people to take steps to make it happen. A wealth of psychological research over the past few decades have proven that it’s the psychological vehicles like optimism, passion, inspiration and hope that really get people motivated and moving. In 1991, the psychologist Charles R. Snyder and his colleagues came up with the Hope Theory. According to their theory, hope consists of agency and pathways. The person who has hope has the will and determination that goals will be achieved, and a set of available strategies at their disposal to reach their goals. Hope involves the will to get there which leads to learning new skills and setting new goals.

As professionals learn how to adapt in a new world, it is more important than ever to remind yourself to put hope into action and inspire those around you. One of the ways you can do this is by sending people messages that motivate them each day. TaxConnections has a gift eBook you can download with more than 250 Inspirational Messages to inspire, motivate and bring back smiles. Send one message or send them all to those around you.

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