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The Inevitable Rise Of The Independent Tax Advisor


Independent tax advisory firms are growing much quicker than most people may realize. With Big Four firms retiring Partners at age 55, law firms rising expectations of their Partners, corporations replacing tax roles with increasing automation, and baby boomers retiring; the landscape for tax professionals worldwide is quickly changing. It is inevitable to see the rise of the independent tax services providers out on their own. What corporate, public accounting, legal and academia all have in common are tax professionals who desire to continue to work in their prime of tax knowledge and expertise. We saw this trend coming with the launch of and created a platform for independent tax advisors to work remotely from any location globally. We have spent years building a tax professionals virtual office platform.

According to Internet Facts Stats

  • 1B Internet Users as of December 2018
  • Asia has the most internet users of all continents, accounting for 49% of all internet users
  • Europe is the runner up with 16.8 percent of internet users
  • China has the most internet users with 802M; the number of people in China is more than double the population of the U.S.
  • 98% of internet users in China are mobile
  • Iceland is the country with the highest number of internet users in the world at 100 percent of its citizens using the internet.
  • By 2019, 63.4 percent of all mobile phone users will access the internet from their mobile phones.
  • More than 615M devices worldwide have ad blockers installed

TaxConnections predicted that ad blockers were preventing most professionals from ever reaching their client acquisition potential from a marketing perspective. Therefore, we built a platform that is ad blocker proof for our members; the results have been extraordinary. We want to teach the tax and legal community about all the technology available to you now with TaxConnections as we are in the process of tucking this technology into your virtual offices. We are currently reaching out to over 1700 software companies to research their products and services. We know the tax professional community appreciates our time consuming research and want you to know we continuously strive to make the life of the independent tax professional easy. After all, time is precious and we do not want you to waste any time.

We are working on having every product and service you need to operate your tax and legal practice from the click of your cell phone. Please join us as a TaxConnections Member as we take you in this remarkable journey to work virtually. Be part of the rise of the Independent Tax Services Professional working remotely from any location in the world they chose to be at any moment.

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