The Great Reset For Tax Professionals Who Are Awake

The Great Reset For Tax Professionals Who Are Awake

Three years ago, I did not know anything but the Great Reset. Perhaps many of you did not know about the Great Reset either. Five years ago there were a few people who would tell me what was about to happen to our personal and professional lives, yet it was too out there to believe what they told me was coming. After time, I discovered the information people were giving me was true all along. By now you all realize main stream media sites feed us a never ending stream of grossly dishonest information, increasing taxes we do not want, to feed a war we do not want, forcing us to use electric vehicle energy which most do not want, dissolving our borders with the Declaration of North America (DNA) signed by Biden in January 2023, and harming the innocent minds of our youngest generation of children with inappropriate books. The list could go on but the question is what can you do? This is what most people say and think “what can I do?” People feel disenfranchised, they feel they have lost their power. Know you have not lost your power, you just lost your way for a short time. Take the power away from these large media sites collecting all this data and information on you.
(Read all of the book review comments, very enlightening information)

There is a book called the Great Reset And the Struggle For Liberty by Michael Rectenwald. When I went to Amazon to read the reviews, I saw the most important comment in the book review section. The book review by Arik was amazing. The 5th sentence from the bottom of the book review is an epiphany. He states “Anyone who truly challenges power won’t show up on a multi-billion dollar media platform.” What Arik is reminding us is we are controlled and manipulated by sites like FaceBook(Meta), LinkedIn, and Google. For example, the people spoke when Anheuser-Busch InBev became a casualty of American culture wars and eliminated a significant portion of its core customers in the U.S. by alienating them.

Jeff Weiner admitted in this LinkedIn post in late 2014, LinkedIn and WeChat have been officially cooperating with one other.

Every bit of your activity on LinkedIn and WeChat is analyzed, tracked, and shared with Chinese Government Authorities as part of the mass surveillance network on you! You are most likely unaware of this relationship!

Do you know that President Trump banned WeChat and TikTok from the U.S. market by Executive Order due to national security concerns. However, when President Biden came into office Biden paused the WeChat and TikTok bans in February 2021.

Are you aware every bit of your activity on LinkedIn and WeChat is analyzed, tracked and shared with through China subprocessors, and China government authorities as part of the mass surveillance network on you.
View the link:

Under China Intelligence Law they keep all your data and information forever.

Are you aware of LinkedIn Glint Services?
Review Section 7.0 under legal services:

Are you aware how FaceBook has manipulated your thinking? Rob Braxman tells you ” Facebook(Meta) is an enemy of your privacy and constantly evolving to collect more data! There is no way to protect your privacy while you have a Facebook (Meta) account.”

For instance:
When you upload your photo(s) on Facebook(Meta) there are no permissions rules on photos. This means Facebook considers this public! Your photo is now searchable on Google Images, Social Catfish which means a stalker or unwanted person can take a photo of you on the street and it leads to your Facebook(Meta) Account which will tell a “stalker” your real name!!! Your photo gets matched to your Social Media record and ends up on various identity aggregation websites like Spokeo, Intellus, People Finders, Social catfish and so on. You and family members are now shown on public records and other data aggregators are also linked on sites like Credit Reports and Court Records and matched with your faces! They can also figure out all the other social media sites you have an account. You cannot have any pseudonyms(alias names) as Facebooks(Meta) spyware has already linked all your social media accounts! All your connections and information are privately recorded by Facebook (all of it)!

Profiles on Facebook(Meta) have no permissions feature for a reason. They are grabbing everything on your personal and professional life! There is no escape as you have been infected by Facebook! Anytime you login to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other Facebook App your location, IP address and device fingerprint! All your accounts are joined and matched! They also consider all your contact list of people you know as one they own. You have put yourself in a searchable database of every bit of information on you and they can cross reference everywhere you go and what you do! Facebook knows if you like church, what your political commentary is and if you are a hunter and have guns! They now have it all! They can also now track every member of your family and track them all wherever they go!

Facebook also collects a browser fingerprint of every search you have ever conducted on the internet. They know if you have visited a religious site, a gun site, a conservative or liberal site, a dating site, a gambling site, an ad poll, made a comment, an IRS site, or even what medicines you get, etc…They know it all! In fact, if you visit any website and they have a “Like Button” it is recording your digital footprint even on this website. It is spying on you and all you do! This gives Facebook a record of all your activity on the internet which includes your “Belief System”.

What Does All This Mean For You? Let’s Look Into The Future
Whatever you did on Facebook(Meta) is captured as a permanent record. They can access this information to shame you if they want to manipulate your thoughts. Facebook as a policy of keeping all your information and data permanently. Furthermore, the government knows everything about you. Your own personal privacy does not matter on Facebook!

Important Advice For Tax Professionals
Protect yourself with your professional profile on

We believe tax professionals should do what we call Go Twilight:
What Does “Go Twilight” Mean?

The meaning of the word “twilight” is partially dimmed or obscured. We educate our tax professional members to move away from sites who invade your privacy.

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Your support of TaxConnections Membership ensures we stay here to help you succeed, and you refuse to be manipulated by big media organizations. Take a stand and break away from the crowd of tax sheeple walking aimlessly into a data trap of no return. We believe in the tenets of the United States Constitution. We believe in the tax community we work with each day.

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