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The Gift Tax Advisors Give Themselves To Succeed This Year

TaxConnections Gift

For the tax advisors, tax consultants, and tax attorneys who have been following our good advice, you know we are taking you to the top of the minds of a steady stream of prospective clients! If you are a tax professional reading this post right now, I want you to ask yourself how potential clients may find you online today. Better yet, ask yourself how you gain the attention of high-end clientele! We will share with you in this post the results of a survey we conducted with 100 executives of corporations large, medium, and small businesses.

Here are the questions we asked of 100 Executives.

  1. How do you currently go about finding a tax advisor(when you need one)?
  • Search Online
  • Search Facebook
  • Search LinkedIn
  • Search Associations
  • Ask Friend For Referral

       Answer: 89% indicated they search online first; 11% asked a friend for a referral.

  1. What is the number one important attribute of any tax advisor you hire?
  • Trust
  • Experience

Answer: 83% indicated trust was more important; 17% indicated experience as most important.

  1. How do you establish trust with a tax advisor you have never worked with previously?
  • Established trust through an article(s) they wrote
  • Established trust through their responses on questions/answers
  • Constantly seeing tax advisor online (not on paid ads to search engines)
  • They do not have paid ad trackers on me

Answer: 100% of respondents do not like to be targeted by ads. It turns them off and
makes them less receptive towards your service. 95% of the executives we
surveyed prefer to observe you first through an article you wrote or a question you
answered because this builds trust for you and your tax advisory services.

Each week, TaxConnections sends executives of large, medium and small companies articles written and questions answered by our tax professional members.  This is the best way to build trust between an executive and a tax advisor! As tax professionals continue to grow through TaxConnections, our technology links together thousands of tax professional profiles online which ensures our members appearing high on the search engines. TaxConnections members are found easily and for free on TaxConnections, while other sites block prospective clients from ever reaching a tax advisor online. You must make it easier for clients to reach you.

The advantage for every tax professional on TaxConnections is that we ensure everyone finds you easily online this year.

TAKE ACTION: Market your tax expertise through a TaxConnections Membership.

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