The Art of Searching For A Tax Job – Know The Trap Doors

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More than ever in my thirty years of counseling tax professional careers, I have recently interacted with numerous tax executives who have been given bad advice while searching for a tax job. There are many trap doors that prevent tax professionals from getting through the front door of a corporate tax department, a public accounting firm or a law firm in the first place. Having been in the trenches placing thousands of tax professionals during my career, and experiencing these trap doors firsthand, you need to know what they are in order to navigate your search for the best tax jobs! This post is the first of a series I will write on “The Art of Searching For A Tax Job – Know The Trap Doors.” Follow my expert advice and you will be far ahead of competitors for tax jobs.

Allow me to outline the topics in this series so you will continue to follow these important posts:

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How To Discussion On Compensation

Proper Protocol When An Offer Is Made

Stay tuned and watch my upcoming series on The Art of Searching For A Tax Job – Know The Trap Doors.

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