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TaxConnections Virtual Offices: Tax Advisor’s Valuable Asset

TaxConnections Virtual Office

Tax Professionals who have adopted TaxConnections Virtual Offices have called to thank us for our technology and especially so during the new age of social distancing. While other companies were touting renting virtual office space as the new norm, TaxConnections has spent years building virtual offices in the cloud for tax professional members. The time has come and we are years ahead of anyone with our technology. The best part is that every one of our members can use their own technology and we never have access to their passwords or confidential information.

TaxConnections Virtual Offices Provide The Following Benefits For Tax Professionals:

1) You do not need to pay for an expensive connection service to your desktop computer to locate important links on your office computer. TaxConnections Virtual Office enables you to
organize all your computer desktop links so you can access them from your cell phone.
2) You do not ever give us your passwords as we never need or have access to them to ensure privacy.
3) You establish valuable online real estate with a TaxConnections Virtual Office in the cloud.
4) You ensure people can find you online and send a message for free as a TaxConnections Member.
5) We offer a Special Membership to anyone who is laid off or retired during this time.
6) We offer special advertising opportunities to our TaxConnections Members.
7) We connect tax professionals with companies looking for tax expertise.
8) We are an inexpensive advertising platform for companies who have cancelled tax conferences and want to access a niche business tax community.

Get started and establish a virtual office presence with a TaxConnections Membership.

TaxConnections Admin

TaxConnections Admin

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