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Tax Jobs

Looking for a tax job? Trying to kick-start your career in a new city? At TaxConnections, we try to connect you with the best tax opportunities available. The tax job opportunities listed on our website are some of the projects that are available across the United States.

We highly recommend all tax professionals get their professional profiles up on TaxConnections even when you are not searching for an opportunity. As experts in the search and selection of qualified tax professionals for organizations all over the world, we know the number one reason tax professionals are not approached with new opportunities is due to lack of connectivity to you in the first place. TaxConnections Membership is available and recommended for everyone.

Some of the jobs offered are:

Tax Director (Baltimore, Maryland)

Tax Manager (Pleasanton, CA)

Tax Partner, Transfer Pricing (Midwest)

Be sure to check out all of the job opportunities here and send your resume to us at TaxConnections.

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