TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit – Tax Experts Spotlighted To C-Suite Executives, Corporate Tax Leaders

TaxConnections is spotlighting 25 Tax Experts during the Internet Tax Summit September 21-25th 2105. An entire day of the Internet Tax Summit will be devoted entirely to C-Suite Executives and Corporate Tax Leaders. As this historical five-day event unfolds online, TaxConnections places the spotlight on Tax Experts who will educate corporate tax executives on tax trends that will affect their bottom line. Corporate management teams are often unaware of how business transactions will affect them from a tax perspective. The Tax Experts at the Internet Tax Summit will break issues down into real stories affecting real companies and costing them millions of dollars in tax revenue.

There are CEOs and CFOs who are paying attention to great tax strategies! The goal of the Internet Tax Summit is to introduce the talents of current and emerging tax experts who can offer solutions to organizations big and small. We realize not every organization has access to these tax experts for a variety of reasons including not having the time or being in the right place. However, TaxConnections offers Complimentary VIP Tickets to the Internet Tax Summit- A Day For Corporate Decision Makers or for those who prefer to listen to the Tax Experts on their own time can advance purchase recordings now at a greatly reduced cost at

Purchase Today at this 75% off price in the recordings. Price is $97.00 today for all 25 Tax Experts recordings but will be raised to $397.00 during the event September 21-25th 2015. Purchase Today to Save $300 OFF!!!

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While many companies talk about the future of Virtual Offices, Kat Jennings was the first to bring virtual offices to the cloud for professionals enabling them to work from any location in the world with a laptop and/or cell phone. With future iterations, our technology will be available to multiple business verticals and professionals worldwide.

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