TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit- FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE On June 15th 2015

Starting June 15th, we will have FREE TICKETS available for the first Internet Tax Summit in history.  Tax Experts at TaxConnections will discuss tax issues affecting individual taxpayers and small, medium and large businesses today.

Did you know 12 Million people have tax problems with the IRS every year? Did you know that State Tax Agencies are now tracking your cell phone records to determine if you are working more than 10-30 days of the year in that State Jurisdiction? This is creating tax problems for many people who now travel across state lines to conduct business. This was recently pointed out to me by Tax Expert Pete Scalise at Prager Metis.

Do you know that the IRS is very busy prosecuting case after case of employers failing to pay payroll taxes? One of our Tax Expert Speakers Ron Williamson, recently pointed out the cases the IRS  has prosecuted this year:

Ron works very hard to defend taxpayers who want to get their business straightened out when they are behind on filing taxes.

FATCA, a word known to those who hold a United States passport and money in banks outside the United States is turning lives upside down. It was a provision tucked into the Jobs Act of 2010 that most everyone never heard of until these last few years. It is causing the highest number of people to renounce their United States citizenship. Tax Expert Michael DeBlis will be discussing the complexities surrounding FATCA.

John Stancil is a Tax Expert with a world of expertise in the matters faced by the church with clergy tax issues. John will share his extraordinary knowledge of the issues faced by churches with on-profits status today.

Do you know that according to the Taxpayers Advocate Report that the IRS is answering fewer tax law questions than ever before? People have many tax questions and they need the help of tax experts to solve more than problems than ever before. TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit will be Spotlighting Tax Experts during the September 21-23rd 2015 to what we expect to be more than 500,000 registrations.

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