TaxConnections Gives Members Free $1000 Gift

As our way of saying thank you, I have authorized all TaxConnections members to receive a free advertisement through Every TaxConnections Member is encouraged to submit ten tax question and answers that we will place into our new Taxexpedia portal released out of Beta later this year. Whenever a visitor to our site asks a question the members profile will appear next to the tax question asked as the sponsor of this particular tax question and answer. Each of our members will submit ten tax questions and answers which we will use to market their tax brand to millions of visitors worldwide to TaxConnections TaxExpedia.

TaxConnections extraordinary marketing technology provides an affordable promotional platform for tax professionals worldwide. Members will want to hurry to stake their claim to tax questions and tax answers that are certain to draw a steady stream of clients from all over the world. Members can send their ten tax questions and answers directly to . You can also gain access to this $1000 valuable gift by becoming a TaxConnections Member today. LIMITED TIME ONLY!


(Part 4 of 12 Series on Marketing Tax Services)


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