TaxConnections Announces Release of eBook Written By Internal Revenue Service Insider

Reference Cliff Jernigan's eBook Corporate Tax Audit SurvivalIt is not easy to find someone willing to talk about the inner sanctum of the Internal Revenue Service. A View of The IRS Through An Insiders Eyes-Corporate Tax Audit Survival written by Cliff Jernigan reveals the inner workings of this secretive organization. The book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how the IRS operates from the inside out. Cliff Jernigan was selected to serve as a liaison between the private sector and the government sector to accomplish the following: Improving relations between the private sector and the IRS; Reducing the audit time and cost burden for industry and the IRS; Help U.S. industry be more competitive; and introduce private industry efficiency to the IRS. In order to understand how to fix the IRS one must understand how things work in an organization shrouded in secrecy. He identifies the problems in the IRS and provides solutions that effect the change that is needed within the organization.

What is interesting is that he wrote this book in 2005 where the problems and inefficiencies within the IRS were previously identified by what is known as the “Team of 38”. Unknown to many, on August 25, 1999, Bob Wenzel, Deputy Commissioner of the IRS, administered the oath of office to Larry Langdon, VP Tax, Licensing and Customs at the headquarters of Hewlett Packard who left the company after many years of outstanding service to become the first Commissioner of the Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB). Larry Langdon is now with the firm of Mayer Brown in Palo Alto, CA and advises global corporate clients regarding tax controversy matters. Larry Langdon is universally characterized as a “great tax mind”. The Team of 38 consisted of world class tax executives including Deborah Nolan, who was subsequently selected as Deputy Commissioner and then became the Commissioner of the LMSB division (Deborah is now a National Tax Partner with Ernst Young, New York, NY). This extraordinary team of 38 great tax minds worked tirelessly to make positive changes within the IRS under then IRS Commissioner Charles Rosatti. The IRS had a world class management team during this time, so what has changed? This eBook provides the most insightful and valuable explanation from an Insider who saw it all.

A View of The IRS Through An Insiders Eyes-Corporate Tax Audit Survival can be found only at

The book exemplifies noble tax experts working together to identify and improve the inefficiencies in government and their effect on the private sector.

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