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TaxConnections Announces 45-Day Trial Membership for Tax Professionals – Free Advertising!

TaxConnections is pleased to announce 45-Day Free Trial Memberships for Tax Professionals! We welcome tax advisors to experience the opportunities to acquire new business and increase sales and revenue through We are grateful for our members who have been with us from the ground up and now find themselves benefiting from new tax business on our site. We receive private messages from tax professionals weekly excited about the new clients and business now finding them on TaxConnections for free!

Kat Jennings, Founder and CEO stated “One of the first questions people ask us is how we make money! We tell them our goal is to make certain that the 2 Billion people searching the web for tax help each year can find a tax advisor for free – in one click. The flood gates are open for tax professionals on our site to be found. We make our money by charging tax professionals an annual fee of $199.95. We have reduced a tax professional’s annual advertising budget to two hundred a year. Our members were spending thousands a year for ads which never received any engagement. We save them thousands on advertising that works!”

TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals has grown from 1,000 visitors per month to over 700,000 visitors per month within the last year. We are growing fast because we offer native advertising at its very best! A native ad is an ad on you and your tax services that does not look anything like an ad!!! Advertising your tax services and expertise on TaxConnections is proven to cause more clients to engage with you!

Go to to receive 45 days trial membership and free advertising. No credit card required! In 45 days if you want to continue to be listed in TaxConnections, simply subscribe for an annual gold membership and pay for your full page native ad, displayed 24/7 for $199.95 per year. Be prepared for action as we drive millions of people to TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals to view you!

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