Tax Professionals Getting Results Utilizing Smart Marketing Technology

There is a lot of activity around the complimentary tickets to the Internet Tax Summit; however, it is the software we built for marketing tax professionals that provides insight into a visceral marketing experience. Early on in the creation of we knew tax professionals did not have the time to market their tax services and some simply do not enjoy the marketing required to succeed in the tax profession. We knew we could provide a solution but it had to be different and much more than banner ads. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with neurolinguistics, it is the study of how our brains store knowledge and how we acquire and comprehend this information.

People have different ways they acquire and accept the information. For instance, there are visual people who are more motivated more to purchase when you use words like “See, Look, View” to communicate. You might ask them a question like “Do you want to see this?” Another way to communicate is with auditory learners and you must use words like “Listen” or “Do you want to hear more about this?” before they will purchase. We also have the kinesthetic individual who has a preference for doing, learning, exploring and discovering to reach these buyers. What we have created at TaxConnections is a visceral experience that brings all of the senses together. You will be learning about our site secrets in the weeks ahead as more features unfold.

What you have today is the ability to be on the front end of marketing technology for tax professionals. As our memberships continue to grow throughout 85 countries represented by 4200 members, the light is coming on for many that we have something special to offer our members in marketing their tax services. We even have a program for those tax professionals who want someone to do everything for them.

Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media site promoting and marketing tax professionals worldwide. With a world of tax innovation at our fingertips, TaxConnections brings the the first Virtual Tax Offices in history to market.
While many companies talk about the future of Virtual Offices, Kat Jennings was the first to bring virtual offices to the cloud for professionals enabling them to work from any location in the world with a laptop and/or cell phone. With future iterations, our technology will be available to multiple business verticals and professionals worldwide.

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