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So What Does “Non-Willful” Really Mean Under The Streamlined OVDP?

It appears that whatever Non-Willful means outside of the OVDP streamline program; it is certainly being applied differently in evaluating a Taxpayer’s ability to transition from the OVDP program into this new 2014 streamline program.

Below I’ve attached two excerpts one from Forbes and one from BNA Daily Tax Report, both verifying that taxpayers who are currently in the OVDP program are having very little success in proving “non-willfulness” during their requests for transition into the new 2014 streamline procedure.

1. Am I Non-Willful Under The OVDP Streamlined Procedures?
Taxpayers recently attempting to transition from the OVDP into the streamlined procedures Read more

The Risks of Certifying NonWillfulness

Recently, “Tax Notes Today” published an article by Andrew Velarde entitled, Streamlined Program Non-Willful Certification Can Be Hazardous, 2014 TNT 143-4 (7/25/14). The article summarizes comments made by three tax practitioners on a Bloomberg-sponsored webcast relating to the certification of non-willfulness. The practitioners were Robert F. Katzberg, of Kaplan & Katzberg; Alan Granwell of Sharp Partners; and Bill Sharp of Sharp Partners.

If there was a recurring theme to the article it was that certification of non-willfulness is risky business and not for the “do-it-yourselfer.” Very simply, false certifications can lead to steeper penalties (even greater than the onerous OVDP penalty), not to mention criminal prosecution for perjury. Read more