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What Is A US Tax Court Practitioner?

Recently I had a discussion with an individual about US Tax Court Practitioners in order to learn about this designation. What I discovered was this category of Court Practitioner was created to allow special dispensation to Non-US Lawyers (such as Enrolled Agents, CPAs and International Tax Attorneys) to gain access to the US Tax Court to represent taxpayers. As a member of the US Tax Court, US Tax Court Practitioners have the ability to litigate matters before the US Tax Court on behalf of their taxpayer clients. In order to qualify as a US Tax Court Practitioner you must pass a very difficult US Tax Court Bar Exam set by the Judges of the US Tax Court which takes place once every second year. What is not generally known is that since its inception in 1942, less than 300 US Tax Court Practitioners have ever passed and qualified to be admitted as a US Tax Court Read more