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FBAR In The Homeland: The Willful FBAR Penalty Requires Proof

John Richardson

This is one more in a series of posts discussing the FBAR rules. The FBAR rules were born in 1970, laid virtually dormant until the 2000s and then were then unleashed in their full “ferocity” on U.S. persons. 

Mr. FBAR has not visited Canada, but he has visited Canadian citizens Read more

Internet Tax Summit – September 21, 2105 Comments – U.S. Citizens Living Abroad, Accidental Americans And Immigrants Coming To The U.S.


Just because I was put in the position to have to relinquish my citizenship does not in the least mean I feel this issue is over for me. There are others sorely impacted as well. I don’t think I will ever truly accept this episode in my life as just. Life is unfair and we must accept that however, these days every time I see some heinous criminal back in the U.S. on my television the thought always goes through my mind “Yes, but that person is not going to be put in the position to have to give up their citizenship no matter what they have done.” It seems childish, I admit but, I hope others will forgive somewhat my resentment over it. I do laugh at myself for having such knee jerk reactions but, I’ll allow myself some of that for a long while to come.  Read more

Is FATCA Doing More Harm Than Good?

Few American laws have been as controversial as FATCA. FATCA stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a law passed in 2010 to clamp down on the use of foreign bank accounts by U.S. taxpayers to hide money that is otherwise subject to taxation in the United States. FATCA is the U.S. government’s newest enforcement tool in the fight against international tax evasion.

Those that denounce the law criticize its complexity, its expansive reach, and the high cost of compliance. Those that like it (and there are some) argue that it will blow the lid off of “the old way of exchanging tax information between countries on request,” which they view as too lenient on tax cheats. FATCA, they predict, will revolutionize the exchange of information, by making it “automatic,” thereby removing any safe harbors for those Read more