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Lessons For U.S. Taxpayers Hiding Assets Offshore

Ron Marini

Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi was sentinced to 21 months in jail after he was found guilty of tax fraud for using offshore companies to avoid paying Spanish taxes on advertising contracts. Read more

7 Habitual Mistakes Companies Make – Chapter 4 (6)

TaxConnections Blog Post
Transparency –

“An old-fashioned handshake is a good way to do business—unless the IRS demands a copy”  —  Source: Cullen Hightower

“The condition of being obvious or evident.” — Source: Oxford Dictionary

IN THIS DAY and age it is important that businesses take a more open-minded approach when it comes to tax compliance. The process of transparency is not confined to the completion of a tax return and the disclosure made to the IRS. It begins with transparency between the role players involved in a transaction, the key decision makers in the business, and the people responsible for understanding the tax implications and compiling the return. Read more

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