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Ten Commandments For U.S. Citizens Living Outside U.S.

Ten Commandments For U.S. Citizens Living Outside The United States

Why are people relinquishing their U.S. citizenship?

The reason that Americans abroad are renouncing U.S. citizenship is because those who wish to obey the laws governing “U.S. citizens living outside the United States” will have to live according to the following 10 Commandments which are found in the Internal Revenue Code which is the Bible of All American citizens (note that these commandments in effect apply only to Americans Abroad).

The “Bible of the American” is based on two basic principles:

Principle 1: The “Bible of the American” hates anything that is foreign. In fact, if the word “Foreign” appears in the “Bible”, the word “penalty” (generally starting at $10,000) is sure to follow.

Principle 2: The “Bible” is designed to punish all forms of “tax deferral” that are not “Homelander Permitted (think IRA) Tax Deferral”.

Now, from these two great principles, we will develop the “Ten Commandments” of living a clean American life outside the United States.

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