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Are Tips Taxable?

Mandatory tips and gratuities are generally subject to sales tax in California when:

• An amount is automatically added to the bill without first consulting with the customer after the meal is served. Think about group meals, banquets, etc. Generally when serving more than 8 at one table in one ticket.

• The customer and the business agree to a suggest tip amount before the service or event. Think preplanned gathering, education meeting with a meal, conference, etc.

• Menus, brochures, ads, or other materials state that tips, gratuities, or service charges will automatically be Read more

I’m Crowdfunding! Is it Taxable?

Crowdfunding through Internet sites such as and have become convenient and often successful vehicles for fund raising. Would-be businesses use them for start-up funding to get a business off the ground. Others attempt to raise money to fund a new project, frequently a book or musical recording. On the other hand, crowdfunding is also utilized by individuals to help in the event of a personal disaster, for medical bills, or other reasons.  A question that is frequently posed is “are these funds taxable income?” Right now, the answer is “I don’t know.” There is no guidance from the IRS on this, and nothing definitive is likely to be forthcoming until there is a test case that is heard in the court system. And, of course, the IRS is not bound to follow court decisions as they relate to future situations and may announce an acquiescence or Read more