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A Wonderful Opportunity For Your Tax Team To Grow

This is the last post in the 12 week series titled How To Develop A Leading And Productive Tax Team. Originally the #12 post was titled Time To Get Your Tax Team Offsite For The day- Why You Should Do It. Although I have now changed the title to A Wonderful Opportunity For Your Tax Team  the purpose is the same. Leading a tax organization requires a lot of time, effort and understanding of how your team thinks and interacts. Knowing if your tax team is operating Read more

How To Develop A Leading And Productive Tax Team In 2016

Kat Jennings

In order to assist management in tax organizations who want to develop a leading and productive tax team, a special blog series starts January 2016 and runs through March 2016. This special series will consist of 12 articles that address the challenges tax management teams will likely face in running their tax organizations. The purpose of sharing this insightful and valuable information is to ensure you never feel alone in your journey managing a tax department. In fact, you will  learn there are many challenges faced in managing a tax organization that you will be able to handle with the information provided in these posts.

Why will you want to read these posts?  You will learn what 30 years of experience has taught me during more than 500,000+ private conversations with tax professionals around the world. I promise to share great stories with you during these posts.

The 12 week series on Developing A Leading Tax Team in 2016 will cover:
Read more

Treasure In The Tax Department – Make People Shine

Anyone leading a tax organization or even a group within the tax department will benefit from what I learned about managing the treasure within a tax team. You see, everyone has treasure in their tax organization and the treasure is the people. The treasure is in the knowledge and skills of your people. While you are busy responding to managements never ending list of requests that require twice the team you currently have to produce; you also have these untapped jewels around you. As a leader in a tax organization, you have the ability to turn on the passion of the tax team and increase their productivity.

One of the most important things tax leaders must be mindful of is people want to enjoy their work experience. When people enjoy what they are doing, the passion surfaces and the treasure is bountiful. For example, imagine you have two Tax Managers gathering Read more