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So, Why Can’t We Use Excel For Tax Reporting?

Excel has been described as the most important business software application in use today.  It is convenient, inexpensive, easy to use, versatile and for all intents and purposes universally available on each office worker’s laptop.  However, this does not mean that every data manipulation task requires an Excel-shaped solution.  So, for Tax reporting and finance activities where does the suitability of Excel begin and where does it end?

Tax Reporting Solutions are Dead! 

A few years ago, while speaking to a respected colleague, he declared that “Tax Reporting solutions are dead!”.  When asked to explain he replied, “Excel can now handle a million rows!” Of course, he’s wrong about Tax Reporting, but after first wondering what version of Excel he’s been using it then became a case of wondering why he’s wrong. Read more

The US “Expatriation Tax” And The Incentive To Apply For A Green Card And/Or Remain In The USA

John Richardson

America doesn’t really need skilled immigrants, or does it?

Clearly a potential immigrant to the U.S. with assets in the home or a third country would have to have a special kind of insanity to subject himself to this system with all the paperwork and potential for double-taxation. And it would do this person absolutely no good whatsoever to become a U.S. citizen since this would change nothing. On the contrary, being a citizen would actually make it worse – one might shed a Green Card relatively easily (if done before the immigrant acquired too many assets in the U.S. or abroad) but U.S. citizenship is forever unless one renounces.

Read more

Accounting For Donor-Restricted Funds

Frequently, a charitable organization will be offered a contribution with restrictions on the use of that contribution.  The gift can be cash or any other asset. The organization is under no obligation to accept the gift with restrictions, but if it does, the donor restrictions must be honored. A distinction should be made between a conditional donation and a restricted one. A conditional donation is predicated on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific event. For example, the donor may specify that a contribution will be made to the organization’s building fund if a certain amount of additional funds are raised within a specified period of time. A doctor-restricted contribution may only be used for the purpose specified by the donor. As an example, the donor may make a contribution to a university scholarship fund, specifying that the funds will be awarded only to junior accounting majors with a GPA of 3.0 Read more

IRS Argued Authority To Regulate Tax-Return Preparers

On February 11, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (the “Court of Appeals”), in the case of Loving v. Internal Revenue Service, affirmed an order of the District Court enjoining the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from enforcing regulations related to paid tax-return preparers. The subject regulations were issued by the IRS in 2011 and purported to require paid tax-return preparers to pass a qualifying exam, pay annual registration fees, and meet certain professional continuing education requirements.

The IRS argued it had authority to regulate tax-return preparers based on 31 U.S.C. § 330, which authorizes the IRS to “regulate the practice of representatives of persons before the Department of Treasury.” The Court of Appeals disagreed, describing the IRS’s Read more

China Relaxes Procedures To Send Cash Out Of Country

iStock_000015914943XSmallAccording to a recent Deloitte webcast China is simplifying its procedures for outbound payments.

Bulletin [2013] No. 40 and Huifu [2013] No. 30 removes the requirements of tax clearance certificates for outbound payments.

Also, SAFE is allowing cross-border cash pooling for pilot multinational companies and state-owned enterprises. This allows for cross-border intercompany borrowing, lending and netting or cash pooling (within limits). Tax considerations include deductibility of intercompany interest expense, withholding tax on interest payments, and transfer pricing issues concerning intercompany charges.

Further, excess cash from the China operations of an MNC could be used to finance overseas cash needs of sister companies via equity or debt. Read more