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Best Opportunity For Accounting Graduates In 2020 And Beyond

Accounting Graduate Opportunities

What is the best opportunity for accounting graduates in 2020?

Well before we can answer that question, first it’s crucial to realize that accounting graduates for 2020 are entering a thoroughly altered employment landscape, and one that’s continuing to shift under our feet.

The traditional employment route envisioned by many college graduates in accounting—get your first job at a big accounting firm, then evaluate your options once you have a few years’ experience at a big firm—is becoming less appealing and less available with each passing year.  This article from Accounting Today, based on an AICPA study, shows that accounting firm hiring of college accounting graduates is down by 30% over the past few years.  For existing employees at these larger accounting firms, pay cuts and layoffs are happening with regularity.

The major trends driving this new reality are not likely to reverse or slow down anytime soon:

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