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Tax Experts Wanted – Tax Professionals Who Want To Be Introduced To Corporate Tax Executives

TaxConnections is launching our innovative Tax Experts Panel. We will introduce a wide range of TaxConnections Tax Experts to CEOs, CFOs and tax executives of large, medium and small corporations. In order to ensure the quality of the tax experts on this private platform, please request an interview with The purpose of this platform is twofold: 1) Identify tax experts for corporate executives with a wide range of experience. 2) Introduce tax experts to corporate executives and family office executives that they normally would not have access.

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TAX EXPERTS WANTED: TaxConnections Spotlighting Tax Experts In 2015

One of the great advantages of working at is our ability to observe behind the scenes traffic and analytics. As I write this blog today, we are observing about 300 hits a minute coming into the TaxConnections site searching for tax expertise. What is even more fascinating is that visitors are spending 14 minutes on average looking around our site. What makes the TaxConnections Community powerful is the range of tax experts who are easily discovered by our visitors with our tax media marketing technology. We also receive calls and email messages daily from people searching for all types of tax expertise and we refer this new business to our members. To benefit from technology that promotes your tax services to our incoming daily traffic, you must take action and join us as a TaxConnections Member. Read more