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TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit – Tax Experts Spotlighted To C-Suite Executives, Corporate Tax Leaders

TaxConnections is spotlighting 25 Tax Experts during the Internet Tax Summit September 21-25th 2105. An entire day of the Internet Tax Summit will be devoted entirely to C-Suite Executives and Corporate Tax Leaders. As this historical five-day event unfolds online, TaxConnections places the spotlight on Tax Experts who will educate corporate tax executives on tax trends that will affect their bottom line. Corporate management teams are often unaware of how business transactions will affect them from a tax perspective. The Tax Experts at the Internet Tax Summit will break issues down into real stories affecting real companies and costing them millions of dollars in tax revenue.

There are CEOs and CFOs who are paying attention to great tax strategies! The goal of the Internet Tax Summit is to introduce the talents of current and emerging tax experts who Read more

Meet Tax Experts At TaxConnections...