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As lead tax executives have been searching for tax managers at the eight to twelve year range, many are asking “ Where is the talent?” I was talking to a close friend of mine by the name of Dr. Mishe Serra who earned her doctorate at Harvard. She is an expert on generational thinkers such as millennials who think very differently than today’s Baby Boomer generation. In particular, I discussed an executive search experiences very close to me and I sought her advice on my messaging in order to help this client attract elusive talent. What I learned from Dr. Serra I want to share with you because it is important to understand what is happening. Dr. Serra is an expert on the topic of millennials and we will be getting her insightful work in the hands of executives who want to be enlightened on hiring trends in the tax profession. Read More

Kat Jennings

(This is a continuation of a series of posts focused on Corporate Taxes. To read the first article, click here.)

Leading a corporate tax organization is a complex and sophisticated role which requires an extraordinary effort on the part of tax executives today. Corporate tax executives today are leading teams across multiple times zones with ongoing tax deadlines and a schedule of expectations by management that is never ending. The opportunity to work with corporate tax executives over three decades has taught me a lot about this highly educated group of professionals.

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After thousands of interviews and valuable successes finding the best in the tax profession through, we evolved into our new entity Through all the successes, what was most important were the lessons learned from every lead tax executive I encountered in a corporation. Recently, I was reminded how valuable tax executives are while talking to nationally recognized tax expert Dan Thompson of Thompson Tax & Associates headquartered in San Francisco, California. Dan sent me a video in the day of a life of a Tax Director. In the video, he started out by saying “You are a Tax Director and you walk into the office one day and the State & Local Tax Manager tells you the State Auditors want to conduct an audit in an hour on an issue that has been overlooked. A few moments later with a cup of coffee in hand, the Read More

For those CFOs who have yet to discover the true value of the corporate tax department, I will give you a crash course on this valuable asset. Allow me to boldly state that I am an expert on what can go wrong and what can go right in your corporate tax department. How would I even know? Thirty plus years as an internationally recognized tax headhunter placing tax executives in multinational corporations all over the world through which has now been folded into my second company executive search division. After hundreds of thousands of trusted and private conversations with tax professionals, I am an expert counsel to tax executives worldwide searching for corporate tax jobs.

What I will share with you today are real stories from corporate tax leaders, the stories no Read More

Every time I read a report about the challenges facing corporate tax executives, I think about the private conversations shared with them over three decades. For those who have little interaction or understanding of corporate tax leaders and their responsibilities, it is important to learn what keeps them awake at night!

As I grew up in retained search to find hundreds of leaders of corporate tax organizations over the years; hired to search for the first tax executive in China representing a US multinational; hired to find the first Tax Partners of U.S. tax practices alongside of their European counterparts;with a list of clients including, the lessons and insights were valuable. I learned what keeps lead tax executives awake at night! Read More

After thirty years consulting to tax executives of multinationals, I have been fortunate to witness trends emerging behind the scenes long before corporate tax professionals ever see them. Stunning new trends will take corporate tax organizations by surprise in 2015 and beyond. Having built many trusted relationships consulting with tax executives over three decades, my goal is to protect tax professionals now and in the future from these trends with an awareness of what is happening behind the scenes and how to position yourselves in an ever changing market. These days, I find myself in an interesting position having founded two organizations focused on helping tax professionals make better connections with the people searching to find them. Corporate tax professionals I know well, having placed thousands of tax experts over a span of thirty years into corporate tax Read More