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Social Media Secrets and Strategies – For Tax Professionals Only (#2)

Do you know blogging more than five times a week creates seven times more search traffic for your tax brand? Blogging is a proven business model, it works! The best tax bloggers write every day and that is how they build very successful tax brands nationally and internationally. You can easily attract a lot of attention by blogging about your area of tax expertise. The key to blogging about your tax expertise is consistency and quality content. Tax Blogs are a valuable asset to develop as breakthrough ideas emerge that innovate the tax world.

Now is the time to start a Tax Blog and attract followers who build trust with you through your writing.  Tax Professionals have very interesting professional life experiences they can share that will help so many save money and reduce their tax burden. People want to hear what you have to say, they also want you to break it down into a language they can understand. Sharing your professional experiences enables you to develop new relationships and that is why creating a Tax Blog is so important for you. Now is the time to start your tax blog and present your views on your area of tax expertise. TaxConnections offers its members free blog space and then they promote you and your tax blog globally. The best place to start is by being listed in TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals which costs  $19.95 a month. This site makes tax professionals visible to the world by promoting tax professionals and their tax expertise.  It is the perfect service for anyone who needs help building a client base or brand visibility for corporate tax professionals.  One of the many benefits of membership on the site is a special area for you to post your blog on the Worldwide Tax Blogs at TaxConnections.  You can join at and then request your free blog space at

Social Media Secrets And Strategies – For Tax Professionals Only (Strategy 1)

Tax Brand Visibility is an important concept for you to understand because if you do not have strong visibility online, no one knows you exist! Tax professionals with a smart tax branding strategy will get noticed and hired long before anyone else! Do you realize you can create a strong tax brand in less than thirty minutes? Do you realize that you most likely do not even have control of your very own tax brand right now? Someone else probably controls it and you need to take it back to increase your business opportunities. You need to pay attention to what I am about to teach you!

After spending months studying a secret you are about to learn, I am going to open your eyes to a huge obstacle to your success as a tax professional! Go online and conduct a search for yourself. How many clicks does it take to find you? What does a person have to go through to connect with you? Can someone only find you if they go through a site and pay to access you?  More than one billion times a year people go online for tax help so it is important to understand how one billion potential consumers of your tax expertise find you. Do they have to pay to find you? How many clicks does it take to find you?  Do you control access to your tax professional profile in one or two clicks? Do you realize 99% of consumers walk away when they realize they must pay to find your contact information?  Did you know you can now take control of your tax brand and people can find you in one click for free?

Recently, I contacted the Partner of a Big Four Firm and told him that I could not connect with him online after 20 clicks! That is more effort than most people would put forth to find him. I told him he was missing Read more