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TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Bloggers Awards – Read What Is In The Tax Blogosphere

Top_Blogger_EmblemTaxConnections is pleased to announce the Worldwide Top Tax Blogger Awards for the second quarter 2013.  With thousands of readers spending more than twenty minutes on each visit to TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs, we recognized it is the quality our tax experts advisors that attracts readers. Our mission is focused on promoting the technically talented tax bloggers on TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs. Four times a year, each quarter, we count the number of blog posts submitted by each tax expert and we award the highest contributors. The second quarter Top Tax Blogger Awards go to the following tax advisors:

1) Brian Mahany, Managing Partner, Mahany & Ertl, Milwaukee, WI  Click To View Brian’s Posts

2) Deleted at Author’s request

3) Harold Goedde, Tax Practitioner, Clifton Park, New York – Click To View Harold’s Posts

4) Claire McNamara, Principal, Dublin, Ireland – Click To View Claire’s Posts

5) Chris Wittich, Tax Supervisor, Boyum & Barenscheer, Minneapolis, MN – Click To View Chris’ Posts

We are very excited to have these very talented tax bloggers in our Tax Blogosphere. We suggest you read the posts they have contributed this quarter because they are highly informative and interesting. Talented tax advisors like this you should follow, so we encourage you to read their posts.