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Are You Providing Digital Services To Japan?

If you’re a provider of digital services to customers in Japan, please be aware that the changes being introduced on 1st October 2015 may affect you.

Old Rules

Under the Consumption Tax Act (Act No. 108 of 1988), a service rendered in Japan is subject to Consumption Tax which is equivalent to VAT (i.e. Value Added Tax).

The criteria for determining whether a service is rendered inside or outside Japan varies depending on the nature of the service.

Under the current rules (i.e. pre October 2015), the tax treatment relating to the provision of e-commerce services, such as e-books, online games, internet delivery of music, etc. is Read more

Australia’s Mooted Offshore “Amnesty” – Immunity From Prosecution Unclear

Although various tax advisers and some industry bodies have already expressed enthusiasm about the apparent generous nature of the just mooted “amnesty” for Australian tax evaders with offshore interests, there is as yet no certainty of immunity from criminal prosecution being available.

In this connection, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does not actually have the authority to grant immunity. Only the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has the power to grant immunity from prosecution. Under the Australian Government’s Prosecution Policy, the DPP can give favourable consideration to refraining from prosecution under a “public interest” clause. Read more