U.S. Tax Guide For Non-Resident Aliens

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Tax Reporting For Nonresident Alien LLC Members

A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular choice of entity for conducting business or holding rental real estate in the United States. It is a business structure that you, as a nonresident alien of the US, can legally form. It can be formed in any one of the fifty states.

An LLC is designed to protect the personal assets of its owners, similar to a corporation, but you have flexibility in how your business or rental activities are reported for tax purposes. It can also be used to hold personal use assets, such as a vacation residence.

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Are you a non-US person with a US LLC? Then you need to be aware of the major new US reporting requirement for foreign-owned LLCs. The deadline is coming up soon.

Previously, foreign-owned single-member LLCs enjoyed an exemption from US tax reporting requirements. Starting with the 2017 tax year however LLCs that are wholly owned by foreign persons and did not elect to be treated as corporations for tax purposes, are subject to new IRS reporting requirements. Read More