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Tag Archive for Section 367

Divisive Foreign Corporate Reorganizations


Corporate reorganizations are valued tools to the practitioner. They provide the opportunity to defer taxable events by virtue of non-recognition treatment. They are characterized as acquisitive, reformative, and divisive transactions. Currently they are relevant as timely transactions as publicly traded security prices have soared while revenue growth has slowed. Companies can grow by shrinking, selling off under performing assets and putting the cash to work. (See Jack Hough, Buy the Asset Sellers, Barron’s Magazine, Saturday, December 7, 2013)

In a previous writing (Tax Connections/Foreign Corporate Acquisitive Reorganizations) the Read more

Licensing Companies And Intangibles

A Licensing Company is a type of offshore company that involves intangible property and the licensing of its use. It involves a variety of issues relating to country disparity. This use of the offshore situs usually is a result of a particular foreign situs imposing withholding tax upon royalty income and is not treaty accommodating. Also, one may find peculiar foreign situs rules that effect the disposition of industrial property rights.

Licensing Companies seek International Financial Centers that provide more reliable substantive judicial systems to protect intangible and substantive rights, as compared to a country situs of licensing use. Licensing Companies also provide flexibility. The flexibility lies in the contracting for rights to use in different foreign locations. The issues of Subpart F Income, source of income concepts, and arm’s length pricing of related parties are the focus of structural planning. Read more