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Mississippi Sales Tax Exemption For Manufacturing


The Mississippi sales tax exemption for manufacturing enables manufacturers and custom processors to take advantage of a lower tax rate on eligible machinery and equipment as well as a full sales tax exemption on items incorporated into the final manufactured product. The skilled sales tax consultants at Agile Consulting are excited to help Mississippi manufacturers understand and take advantage of these generous exemptions.

Mississippi sales tax exemption for manufacturers
The state of Mississippi defines manufacturing as “activities of an industrial or commercial nature wherein labor or skill is applied, by hand or machinery, to materials belonging to the manufacturer so that a new, different, or more useful article of tangible personal property or substance of trade or commerce or electric power is produced for sale or rental and includes the production or fabrication of special-made or custom-made articles for sale or rental” [Miss. Code Ann. §27-65-11(b)]. Manufacturing also includes recycling that does convert material into more useful product for sale.
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Georgia Sales Tax Exemption For Software

Aaron Giles - Georgia Sales Tax Exemption For Software

Since most businesses utilize software in their operations, it is important for tax and accounting professionals to recognize how the Georgia sales tax exemption for software impacts their business. GA Comp. R. & Regs. 560-12-2-.111(3)(b) provides a sales tax exemption on the sale, lease, rental, license or use of custom computer software. Custom computer software is defined as, “computer software, including custom updates, which is designed and developed by the author to the specifications of a specific purchaser” per GA Comp. R. & Regs. 560-12-2-.111(2)(e) This Georgia sales tax exemption for custom computer software will apply regardless of how the purchase obtains the software. A purchaser can receive the custom computer software through a tangible medium and it will not affect the taxability of the software since the tangible medium is considered incidental to the sale.

The real essence of the transaction with custom computer software is the professional service provided by the seller in the creation and development of the custom software program. If a software program that is developed to the specifications of a specific purchaser is then distributed for widespread use to different purchasers, the software ceases to be considered custom and would become subject to sales tax as prewritten computer software. However, the original purchaser can obtain multiple copies or license agreements of the custom software that was developed to their specifications and this would meet the criteria for the sales tax exemption.
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Reminder To CA Manufacturers: Sales Tax Exemption!

Remember when the California Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption first came into fruition, on July 1, 2014? It seems like so long ago. But maybe it’s a good time to remind companies about this useful partial exemption available to manufacturing companies.

What exactly is this exemption?

It allows certain manufacturers and biotech companies to exempt a portion of California sales and use tax on purchases of qualified equipment used in manufacturing and R&D (research and development). Read more

California Software TTA Exemption

Aaron Giles

In 1993, the California legislature enacted a sales tax exemption for technology transfer agreements (“TTA”) relating to the transfer of intellectual property, but has never really honored that exemption until the 2011 Nortel court ruling. Now in 2017, California says it is nearly ready to begin issuing refund checks.

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