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Our Responsibility For The Tax Profession Whose Work Is Outsourced To Other Countries

“You need a meaning in life. You need a purpose to sustain you through the challenges and suffering of life. Having a meaning is important; it is not optional and the deeper the meaning the better. It is definitely the case that people find meaning in the adoption of responsibility.” ~Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Author, 12 Rules For Life

TaxConnections distinguishes itself as a community looking out for tax professionals, their livelihood and their future in the tax profession. We have a purpose and a deeper meaning to our organization that is important to share. It is something rarely discussed in the tax profession and it is important to bring to the attention of the entire tax community.

While everything is changing in the way tax professionals work in what is now a predominantly remote environment; while software companies and artificial intelligence take over jobs done by skilled and alert tax experts; we are watching big firms outsource tax work to organizations outside America. Our responsibility is to remind everyone of the importance of hiring tax professionals trained and working in the United States or their own countries.

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