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Companies Are Hiring And Managing Remote Tax Professionals

Remote Workers

With many organizations challenged to hire the highly technical tax talent needed today, they find themselves more open to a remote tax workforce. For companies who hire remote tax professionals or are considering this growing option, there are strategies to keep remote tax professionals connected to an organization and their management teams. This article discusses how companies are managing a remote tax workforce in an environment that is increasingly difficult to locate tax talent. These strategies can work for your organization, too.

  1. Companies offer the option of working from remote office working spaces or working from home. The goal is ensuring you have the most productive work environment for your remote workforce. For companies with headquarters in major cities who want to save tax professionals hours of commute time each week, they have more productive employees who get work done when they spend less time on commutes. We have encountered tax professionals in major cities around the country who are commuting 2.5 hours one way into New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Jose. With twenty-five hours transportation time each week imagine the increase in production as tax professionals are allowed to work from home 90% of the time and come into the office for important meetings.
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Eight Reasons The Remote Tax Workforce Is Growing

Kat Jennings

Ever since I posted an article on 1000+ Tax Jobs Coming To You Through TaxConnections, I have been receiving calls and emails from tax professionals regarding full-time, part-time and remote tax jobs.  You will appreciate the reasons remote tax work is growing for tax professionals.  All signs indicate businesses public and private are recognizing the benefits of a remote tax workforce. Here are eight reasons the remote tax workforce is growing.

1. Innovation of computers, phones, connections through video and audio have a major impact on the ability to work remotely. As the remote tax workforce grows on sites like TaxConnections, more companies and governments are now finding it easier to identify this talent.

2. Highly trained Baby Boomers tax professionals (Born 1946 – 1964) want to continue to work and are readily making themselves available for remote jobs today. They prefer to spend the time working from home than managing the increase traffic and delays in transportation. According to Gallop, about one third of today’s workforce comes from the 75 million strong and active baby boomer generation. Baby Boomer tax professionals have a very strong work ethic.

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Remote Tax Jobs – 1000+ Coming Through TaxConnections

Kat Jennings - Remote Tax Jobs

TaxConnections has received calls from multinational corporations, public accounting firms and services firms all over the world to discuss their need for experienced tax professionals. Organizations are changing and so are the needs of tax professionals themselves. Why is the desire to work remotely growing? What are the benefits for organizations that employ remote tax experts? Who is searching to hire a tax professional to work remote?

About two years ago, I received a call from a firm who wanted to hire more than one thousand tax professionals during tax season. They wanted a remote tax workforce and they were searching our site to find experienced tax professionals with a wide range of skills and knowledge. We thought it was wonderful for TaxConnections Members. When I followed up with several tax professionals who worked for them through a busy season, it was then that I realized they paid them by the number of clients they worked with that season. It was a good start for tax professionals who were building new client relationships.

On another occasion, I received a call from an organization who was building a global remote tax practice. They have plenty of work to give remote employees and they pay them by the number of returns they prepare for the firm. They can work when they want and where they want anywhere in the world. Their practice has grown in over 5 countries globally and they love the fact they can simply reach out to our tax professional members as a remote workforce.

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Utah And Oklahoma Now Offering Remote Jobs – These Trends Will Help Increase The Number Of Remote Tax Jobs Created

Kat Jennings Remote Tax Jobs

As indicated in my previous posts on remote work, the trend continues to grow with states like Utah and Oklahoma now offering remote jobs. Telework programs initiated by these states were done for different purposes so it is important to take note of these trends especially when new workforce strategies are being tested and then implemented in these U.S. states. If you want to be part of the remote workforce, it is important to understand who is adopting remote work programs today.

In the case of the state of Utah who conducted a state pilot project, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox stated recently that the pilot program proved that workers productivity went up more than 20% among the 136 state employees who participated in the project.  The study discovered employees are more productive when they do not have a long commute every day; they are also much happier when they do not have the stress of traffic. As a result of the state of Utah pilot program, officials decided to expand the teleworking program with Utah state government employees. The Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget believes it will ease expensive building space needs, save tax dollars and reduce automotive pollution. Government Officials also estimate the state of Utah will reduces state costs by lowering the need for office space by 63,900 square feet.

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The Rise Of The Remote Tax Workforce – Where Are These Tax Jobs?

Kat Jennings

For every tax professional who takes the time to comment on an article, there are many more thinking the same. In the case of my recent post, the partial title was “The Rise Of The Remote  Tax Workforce”.

One of the comments on this post stated “As a baby boomer, your recent articles on wanting to work remotely to have increased flexibility strikes a chord with me. One of my managers recently left our company in the indirect tax department because he could stay in the DFW area and work from home on property tax for the corporate office which is several hundred miles away and he only has to go to headquarters on a quarterly basis for a couple of days at their quarter end process.

My question is where do you find these positions in the indirect tax world? I didn’t know if there was more of these opportunities in direct tax and far fewer in the indirect tax world, but I am sure there are many other professionals in indirect tax that are asking the same question.

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Where Are All The Tax Professionals With Five To Ten Years Of Experience? The Rise Of The Remote Tax Workforce!

Kat Jennings Remote Tax Jobs

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a National Tax Director out of New York about his increased heavy workload. He shared with me that their organization has struggled to find technically qualified tax professionals in the five to ten year range. While he was discussing their challenge to find tax talent, I shared with him it is not just his organization this is happening to these days. There are many firms who have been searching for this talent pool for the past three years. This lack of tax talent was predictable given the deep recession of 2007-2009 in the United States. It took a few years after that before the hiring started again. During this time the firms did not hire many entry level tax associates; the lower level compliance work was farmed offshore to India where we saw the Big Four firms grow to sizes that exceeded one to two thousand in each of these firms. The truth is we were no longer training our own! The tax compliance work was sent offshore to reduce costs and increase profits for the firms.

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How Corporate Tax Departments Are Evolving – The Remote Tax Workforce

Kat Jennings

While recently reading BNA Bloomberg’s 2019 Survey Findings on How Corporate Tax Departments Are Evolving, I found its mention of the growing deficit in tax talent interesting. With the majority of tax departments surveyed reporting difficulty in hiring and retaining talent, I want to jump in and share views of my own experiences on the subject matter. The talent pool is changing rapidly. While tax organizations struggle to identify the tax expertise they need, there are actually contributing factors to the rapid evolution of the tax profession. This article will address the factors surrounding the changing talent pool with corporate tax expertise.

The tax professional of the present and future is evolving rapidly. What is contributing to these changes? There are four things that come to mind quickly: baby boomers retiring in large numbers, changes in tax laws globally, changes in technology and changes in expectations of corporate tax roles today. Baby boomers are those born between the years 1946 and 1964 with the first baby boomers reaching the retirement age in 2011. There are about 76 million boomers in the U.S. representing about 29 percent of the current population. With the Census Bureau estimating about 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily, many still want to work part-time. Every day someone in tax is retiring.

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Want To Work Remotely? Join TaxConnections Remote Workers Community

Remote Tax Jobs

TaxConnections has a work program available for tax professionals who want to work remotely from home. If you are interested in being considered by our clients who hire remote tax expertise, we want to encourage you to join as a TaxConnections Member.

When you write up your Professional Summary on TaxConnections it is important to let our visitors know you would like to be considered for remote tax jobs. We recommend you use these words below:

Will work remote, video conference; part-time and/or full-time.

Join as a TaxConnections Member to make yourself remotely available.