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What Do I Do? Received Florida Sales and Use Tax Audit Notice – Part 2

TaxConnections Blogger Jerry Donnini post what to do for a Florida Sales and Use AuditPart 2 Common Pitfalls

There are several issues that often surface during the audit. Many of the issues that surface are that the client does not have records, the client does not have a complete or updated QuickBooks or accounting software file, or the client has collected and remitted the incorrect amount of tax.

The most common issue we face is the situation in which the Florida taxpayer does not have adequate records to do a complete audit. Based on many of our clients, Florida is an extremely dangerous place to live. Until I became a Florida sales and use tax attorney, I was not aware of the high number of floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters that destroy all of a business’s records. On a serious note, many taxpayers believe that not having any records is the best way to escape tax liability. However, generally the opposite is true. The more records that are available, generally, the more we can do to explain discrepancies that arise during the audit. Therefore, we recommend that a Taxpayer does its very best to salvage as many records as possible for review even if they are extremely damaged due to mother nature. Read more