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IRS Data Breach Unfortunate In Many Ways – PIN?

The IRS news release that its “Get Transcript” web tool was hacked is distressing in many ways. First, of course, is the exposure of highly sensitive taxpayer data – apparently of about 100,000 taxpayers, with attempts on about 200,000 accounts. Additional concern is the the possibility of modernizing tax compliance is harmed. I have often suggested that tax compliance for many taxpayers (with fairly straightforward tax computations), should be as easy as buying something from

Sounds like greater security hardware and software is needed. Why not use a PIN as it is used to access bank data and use credit cards? Would that help?

Are stricter laws needed to punish hackers? Read more

How Can Theft Prevention, Reporting and Return Filing Be Improved?

Changing the April 15 due date, moving taxpayer information to the cloud, and allowing personal identification numbers (PINs) for taxpayers who want them were all on the table at a Thursday hearing held by the IRS Oversight Board to explore ways to combat fraud and improve tax administration. The board, composed of presidential appointees with tax, technology, or business expertise, advises the IRS on the best ways to meet taxpayer needs.

Fraud and Identity theft

Fraud and identity theft are still rampant, according to Michael Phillips, acting principal deputy inspector general, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), who cited billions of dollars fraudulently claimed on refundable credits such as the American Opportunity tax credit. He said “the IRS recently prevented $12.1 billion of potentially fraudulent refunds from being issued, but more work needs to be done”.

Fraud comes in many forms, observed James R. White, director of tax issues for the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). Given its many sources, such as failure to file, underreporting, and off-shore tax evasion, Read more