Exempt Non-resident Citizens From FBAR

OMB Control No: 1506-0009 / ICR Reference No: 202403-1506-001 / Federal Register: 2024-06697
Reports of Foreign Financial Accounts Regulations and FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

An earlier post alerted people to the opportunity to submit comments (due April 29, 2024) about whether the FBAR rules should be applied to the local accounts of Americans abroad. What follows is my comment …


Treasury should explain precisely what it is about the status of U.S. citizenship (regardless of residence or connection to the United States) that creates a presumption of tax evasion, terrorism and money laundering.

The time has come for Treasury to recognize the obvious injustice and stop requiring an FBAR to report the “local” bank accounts of Americans abroad to the Financial Crimes Division of U.S. Treasury!!

Part I – Introduction and Context- Understanding The April 29, 2024 Deadline For FBAR Commentary Submissions
Part II – Comment: Statement Of Purpose
Part III – Looking For Mr. FBAR – Where are the rules found?
Part IV – Understanding FBAR: “U.S. Persons” are required to file an FBAR. Who is a “U.S. Person”?
Part V – FBAR and U.S. Citizens: The World of Mr. FBAR in 1970 is NOT The World Of Mr. FBAR 2024
Part VI – Non-application of the FBAR rules to U.S. citizens who reside in U.S. territories
Part VII – The application of FBAR to non-citizens who do NOT live in U.S. territories
Part VIII – Conclusion: If ALL U.S. citizens (regardless of connection to the United States) are to be subject to the FBAR requirement …

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