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Tag Archive for non-cash charitable contributions

The IRS Has Special Rules For Vehicle Donations

From time-to-time, nonprofit organizations may be donated a vehicle, boat, or airplane as a charitable contribution.  The IRS realized that this was an area in which taxpayers were abusing the law, often taking a deduction far in excess of the actual value of the vehicle being donated.  For example, in one instance a vehicle was ready for the junk pile but the donor gave it to a charitable organization. Based on the Kelley Blue Book Value it had a fair market value of $1,200, which the donor used as a charitable contribution deduction on his Form 1040.  So several years ago, more restrictive rules were put in place in regard to the amount that may be deducted as a charitable contribution.

The long-standing rule for non-cash charitable contributions states that any such contribution valued in excess of $500 must be reported on Form 8283 and included Read more

Make Non-Cash Charitable Contributions – But Do It Right

Non-cash charitable contributions can be of great benefit at tax time. However, both donors and the recipients frequently overlook required IRS rules which could would to the taxpayer’s detriment. In addition, the taxpayer frequently may often understate the deductible amount of the contribution.

In order to deduct a contribution of $500 or more, the donor must list the property being donated, the date of the donation, as well as the name and tax ID number of the organization. This should be recorded on Form 8283. It has been my experience that many organizations do not make the tax ID number readily available to the donor. It should be placed on the receipt for the donation to make it easier for the donor to properly claim the contribution. When the number is not available, an Internet search may often yield Read more