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2015 Is The Year of The Tax Professional – Learn Why

2015 is the “Year of The Tax Professional” for many reasons you will discover as you become more familiar with TaxConnections. As a leading tax media network, TaxConnections is focused on building a media strategy for tax professionals. With more than 4000 members from 75 countries, what has emerged is a community of tax professionals working together to gain higher visibility and leverage on the web as a community banding together. In our case, aggregating tax professionals with a wide range of expertise in cooperation, communication, cross education is better for tax professionals and the taxpayers who want to find them. Taxpayers looking for tax expertise no longer have to research cluttered websites to find the tax expertise they need.  Likewise, tax professionals do not have to pay expensive advertising fees to get noticed as they can now remove themselves from all the Read more

Is FATCA Doing More Harm Than Good?

Few American laws have been as controversial as FATCA. FATCA stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a law passed in 2010 to clamp down on the use of foreign bank accounts by U.S. taxpayers to hide money that is otherwise subject to taxation in the United States. FATCA is the U.S. government’s newest enforcement tool in the fight against international tax evasion.

Those that denounce the law criticize its complexity, its expansive reach, and the high cost of compliance. Those that like it (and there are some) argue that it will blow the lid off of “the old way of exchanging tax information between countries on request,” which they view as too lenient on tax cheats. FATCA, they predict, will revolutionize the exchange of information, by making it “automatic,” thereby removing any safe harbors for those Read more