You Are Invited To Mit Modular

Event: Open House To MitModular
Place: In Person, Provo, Utah, MITModular Manufacturing Facility
Date: Friday, November 18th, 2022
Invitation: Contact Individuals Listed Below To Secure Your Private Invitation. Real Estate Investors Love This Tax Deferral Program

MIT Modular is proud to showcase its new 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility where we are taking single-use shipping containers and developing them into power-positive, sustainable housing models (ranging from single-unit Accessory Dwelling Units to multi-family, stackable designs). Be on the lookout for your official invite!

Combining the sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective modular housing designs with the community renovation focus of the federal Opportunity Zone Program, makes MIT Modular a national model for helping solve the housing shortage while creating well-paying jobs and improving under-served communities. We are well-positioned to supply creative and functional housing to a variety of consumers including low-income, homeless, workforce, vacation, AirBnB landlords, retail, and special-purpose users.

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A Bipartisan Housing Solution: Utah Company Launches Innovative Solution To The Homeless Crisis

(Special Note From TaxConnections CEO Kat Jennings: We are very proud what TaxConnections Member,  Blake Christian, Tax Partner HCVT, along with his business partner Roi Maufas have built for the Homeless. Please read and request a private invitation to their open house in Provo, Utah on November 18th, 2022. It is a great opportunity to experience and invest in these homes or an Opportunity Zone Fund. Beautifully developed by men of extraordinary drive and integrity.)

Utah Company Launches Innovative Solution to the Homeless Crisis

Provo, Utah (November 7th, 2022) Applying innovation, efficient design, and strategic partnerships, MIT Modular (Modal Innovations Technologies) founders, Blake Christian, and Roi Maufas, are taking aim at housing affordability. Their strategy—taking single-use shipping containers and developing them into power-positive, sustainable housing models.

“Affordable housing is a bipartisan issue and something we can all agree needs to be addressed,” Maufas said. “We are getting right to work finding exciting solutions to create and preserve high-quality, sustainable, and affordable housing that can be delivered anywhere in the US.”

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