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Rise To The Top Of The Tax Profession: How To Get There Using TaxConnections Technology

Kat Jennings- How Tax Professionals Rise To the Top Of Search Engines

Imagine meeting 100 tax professionals; imagine they all have a similar set of technical tax skills; imagine they all have great interpersonal skills. Why do 16% of tax professionals in this group rise to the top of the profession? Why do they have higher visibility? Why do they get access to the best tax jobs? Why do they attract a steady stream of prospective new clients? Why are they having greater success? Why are tax professionals with less years of experience surpassing more seasoned tax professionals? The reason has a lot to do with strategies and technologies these tax professionals are utilizing today. Is there an easy formula? Yes, there is an easier way and we will show you how to rise to the top 16% in the tax profession.

According to Everett M. Rogers, an American communication theorist and sociologist who originated the diffusion of innovations theory, there are five types of adopters of innovations. Roger’s research identified fascinating personality traits that help us organize how people will accept new innovations. It is important to know what they are if you want to be in the top 16%. Everett Rogers divides people into personality traits in order to describe them. Keep in mind people may have a combination of these traits or they may display some traits at times and others at times.
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Meet Tax Professionals With Greater Opportunity For Success


In the words of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, “You just cannot beat the person who never gives up.” This is what you need to remember to succeed in the tax profession. Tax professionals who never give up and keep getting up to bat, create higher visibility and create more opportunities for success.

One of the many positive influences of the platform is our ability to connect our members with people who want to hire tax professionals. Organizations enjoy the ease of finding a wide range of experienced tax professionals on our tax platform. Our visitors spend less time searching for tax expertise. We welcome the opportunity to introduce tax professionals with a wide range of tax expertise nationally and internationally to key decision-makers around the world. TaxConnections is an extraordinary marketplace of leading tax experts.

TaxConnections tax professional members receive higher visibility because we spend considerable time direct messaging executives in large, medium and small businesses worldwide to draw attention to our members expertise. Yes, TaxConnections actively promotes its members to high end business executives all over the world. Our goal is driving previous and new client opportunities to you; and our goal is building a higher level of trust in your tax expertise.

Join Us And We Will Position You In Front Of People Searching For Tax Expertise Worldwide.