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Tax Incentives And Credits In Maine

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This month we travel all the way to the northeast corner of the country to the state with the rocky coastline and maritime history of Maine, the Pine Tree State.

Maine is the northeasternmost state in the contiguous United States. It is known for its jagged rocky coastline, low, rolling mountains, heavily forested interior, picturesque waterways, and its seafood cuisine, especially clams and lobster. Read more

Marijuana Taxes And Revenue For The States

There were numerous tax initiatives on ballots across the United States this year. One of the major tax initiatives was the legalization of marijuana and its subsequent taxing in eight states during the 2016 November election. Prior to the November elections, there were 26 states and the District of Columbia who legalized the use of marijuana, whether in the form of recreational use or medical use only. Now,California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine have all voted to allow the use of recreational marijuana. (As of now, the margin of victory in Maine is less than 1.5%, which means there will be a recount that does not affect the taxpayers.)

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Extra! Extra! Maine Raises Revenue By Taxing Newspapers

TaxConnections Member and Blogger Ronald Marini posts about OVDPGoing back to the basics of a sales tax regime, sales tax is generally due on the sale of tangible personal property at retail in a state. Here, a newspaper is tangible property and as long as it is sold at retail within the state’s borders, then it is generally taxable. While it may seem counter intuitive, many states adhere to this general view and impose a sales tax newspaper. A few states, for public policy reasons, have determined that newspapers should be exempt, therefore, make an exception to the general rule and statutorily take newspapers out of the sales tax rule. Maine imposed a reduced sales tax of 5% on the sales of newspapers until recently.

In a recent, somewhat comical piece (comical from a state and local tax attorney’s perspective), Businessweek reported that Maine will begin taxing newspapers at the higher rate of 5.5% beginning in October, 2013. Although usually anti-tax, Gov. Paul LePage thought it was in the state’s best interest to lift the exemption on newspapers and magazines from 5 to 5.5%.

The tax will certainly raise revenue for the state but one can only wonder the governor’s true motive in increasing taxes. The Republican governor has been on record joking about blowing up the headquarters of the Portland Press Herald, Maine’s largest newspaper. When asked if this was a direct shot at newspapers, the governor responded that buying a newspaper is “like paying somebody to tell you lies.” Read more

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