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Sales Tax Exemption For Prescription-Required Single-Use Medical Devices in Louisiana

One Louisiana sales tax exemption for medical purchases made by hospitals and health care facilities provides an opportunity for both Louisiana sales and use tax savings at the state tax rate of 5%. This Louisiana sales tax exemption applies to medical devices that are required to be issued under a physician’s prescription and are used personally and exclusively by a single patient.

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Catastrophic Flood In Lousiana – Affecting Taxpayers For A Long Time To Come

Kat Jennings

As I was attempting to check one of our members Kathryn Morgan on the flooding in Bossier City, Louisiana, I was stunned by this video. Although Kathryn has yet to get back to me, I now understand why.

I met Kathryn when she had just come out of the flood in 2012 and we sent her a complimentary membership to help her during this time. She is outstanding and a super smart tax advisor. Looks like everyone will need a lot more help than a complimentary membership as the devastation from the flood in Louisiana is stunning. Read more

States Offer Amnesty in Attempt to Collect Tax

TaxConnections Blogger John Dundon posts about accumulated adjustment accountsEach year, many states announce amnesty programs in an effort to incentivize taxpayers to pay state tax. Most programs, in one form or another, offer partial or full interest and penalty abatement if taxpayers pay back taxes owed. While the programs seem like a win for states in theory, as a state and local tax attorney, I can promise that such programs lead to problems. Auditors in the various states are told to close down improperly completed audits in an effort to get taxpayers in the amnesty program. This, in turn, leads to poorly conducted audits that must be protested and litigated. In short, state and local tax professionals in those states should be licking their chops for the bombardment of work that will likely ensue.

The most recent states to implement a version of an amnesty program are Arkansas, Connecticut, and Louisiana.

Arkansas’ amnesty program applies to franchise taxes and runs from September 1st through December 31st, 2013. In order to participate, taxpayers must submit all reports and forms and pay the computed tax to the state. If a taxpayer meets the requirement of the deal, then Arkansas will waive all interest and penalties for delinquent taxpayers.

Similarly, in Louisiana, a Tax Amnesty program went into effect on September 23rd, 2013. The Louisiana amnesty program is broader than Louisiana in that it covers most state and local taxes. Taxpayers only have until Read more

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