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Can Filing Bankruptcy Wipe Out Your IRS Tax Debt?

Life happens! Divorce. Job loss. Serious illness. These are life events that can cause financial hardship and force good honest folks to file for bankruptcy. Those who have struggled with an endless stream of expenses that never end often owe income taxes that just will not let them be.

Taxes are a part of life. This is true after bankruptcy. Before filing your income tax returns when there has been a bankruptcy, it’s important to know things. Many people have either partial or incorrect information whether and how bankruptcy could help.

The following information may help you get a few things straight and find the best choice for you:

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Control Spending This Holiday Season, Avoid Financial Problems in 2018

Keith Jones, Tax Advisor

I know ladies who shop all night long and are so excited about the big sales that go on throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

They plan to hit stores for time-specific sales and map out routes to cut down on time wasted in traffic or looking for parking spots. To make the most of the big day, hardcore shoppers sort through advertisements and go online to compare prices Others get caught up in the moment and join the spending frenzy with no plans or shopping lists. Read more