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Learn How To Get To The Top of The Tax Profession Faster Than Your Tax Colleagues

“The Best Tax Webinar of The Year” on Thursday, October 9th at 9:00AM (California).

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We noticed several tax professionals attended this webinar twice because they were thrilled with the information we shared during this presentation. We gave you a lot of secrets throughout the webinar and each of our attendees took away two gifts worth $997 and they are now enjoying all the benefits. We really appreciated so many of you came back for more and want to ask you all to send this invitation to a tax colleague so they Read more

TaxConnections CEO Welcomes Writer/Editor William Perez

As  the Founder and CEO of, I want to welcome Freelance Writer/Editor William Perez. William Perez is interested in interviewing members of TaxConnections on a wide variety of subject matters on tax. William joined TaxConnections and is eager to speak with and interview our members for media articles on tax topics. We encourage all of our members to reach out to William and send him a message at with interesting stories on a wide range of subject matters.

We are fortunate in the TaxConnections community as we have tax experts from all over the world joining an interactive experience only available through membership in TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals. Our members are leading the Read more

Thank You All For The Overwhelming Response To “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year”

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for those of you who sent emails and made calls to us after the training webinar titled “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year.” We opened up your eyes about the importance of gaining credibility, trust and authority for your tax expertise by getting featured in the media. Your tax reputation is built by executing a very deliberate plan to establish you as an authority in the eyes of the media.

Many of you requested more information about positioning yourself as a Media-Recognized Tax Professional. Getting featured in media powerhouses like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS is the wisest investment you can make in yourself. Our encore presentation held yesterday afternoon pulled the curtain back on how any tax professional can leverage media exposure to position themselves as the “go-to” expert. Read more

Did You Recently Graduate From A Tax Program? Are You Searching For A Tax Job? Learn How To Strategically Improve Your Tax Opportunities

Prior to building TaxConnections, I was an internationally recognized tax headhunter to multinational corporations, law firms and public accounting firms. TaxConnections was built to generate connections for tax graduates by giving them a niche tax platform to be seen and heard. All tax graduates must have an online public relations strategy. TaxConnections provides a platform to be more visible to the people searching for tax expertise online. Whether you are a new tax graduate or an experienced tax professional, you must make it easy for people to find you online. Your visibility will determine your success.

Last year there was quite a media storm about colleges and universities churning out students who had no access to jobs after graduation. While reading these media stories, Read more

Tax Professionals Step Into The Future

Behind the scenes at TaxConnections, we are witness to many exciting breakthroughs effecting a tax professionals future! We are now experiencing changes that are shifting the futures of tax professionals right before our eyes. The most obvious change comes from our ability to drive new business to the tax professionals who have ventured to the TaxConnections site. From our members own words to your eyes you can see what happens.  See TaxConnections Member Testimonials. TaxConnections is shaping the futures of tax professionals and those that need their expertise.

This morning I picked up a phone call to help a tax professional in New York get on our site, our conversation turned from a help call to a lot of questions regarding what we are doing for tax professionals and ended in an Investor call. That was a surprise to both of us! More Read more

Tax Professionals Gain Global Clients The Easy Way

There are tax professionals who work very hard and there are tax professionals who work very hard and smart! The ones who work very hard and smart are often those who are curious to discover efficient new ways of promoting tax services. What you are about to learn is what thousands of curious tax professionals have already discovered utilizing our innovative marketing technology! We are going to teach you how to catapult your tax reputation way out in front of 247,000 Million pages of tax professionals online. You will learn how to gain global clients in a way that was never possible before our innovative technology made it so!

An email came across my desk this week that I want to share because this what is happening daily in TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.
Claire McNamara, Principal, Dublin, Ireland sent us this message: Read more

Tax Advisors Marketing For Tax Clients – Learn How These Tax Professionals Attracted The Attention of 1000s

Congratulations to Peter Scalise of Prager Metis CPAs, LLP who received the highest number of searches to his tax professional profile page on TaxConnections during 2013. With more than 7125 views in the year, everyone would like to know how Peter had so many prospective clients paying attention to his tax services. The answer is he utilized every feature available on to build visibility and trust for his tax services and expertise. Marketing experts know that you need to build familiarity with clients first, familiarity builds trust, and trust is why people come to you for tax services. There are many of our gold annual members who made it to the top of the search results in TaxConnections including: Brian Mahany, Hugo van Zyl, Kathryn Morgan, Howard Liebman, Larry Langdon, Steven Potts and so many others who took the lead in marketing their tax reputations online Read more

How The World Finds A Tax Professional – A New Paradigm

These are very exciting times for tax professionals around the world. Hundreds of tax experts from countries that included: Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Honduras, Iraq, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Spain, UAE, United Kingdom and the United States, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico dialed in to my LIVE AUDIO CAST this week to learn information that surprised and engaged them in the current Paradigm Shift occurring for selling and promoting their tax skills and expertise.

When you have a world of tax professionals tuned in to TaxConnections you realize something very special is happening. Those who joined me this week realized they were all a part of this new paradigm in marketing their tax expertise online. Read more

TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Bloggers Awards – Read What Is In The Tax Blogosphere

TaxConnections Awards Quarter 3 Top Tax BloggersTaxConnections is pleased to announce the Worldwide Top Tax Blogger Awards for the third quarter 2013. With thousands of readers spending considerable time each month on TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs, we recognize it is the quality of our tax experts that attracts our visitors. We pride ourselves on building a community of high-quality, tax experts who offer valuable tax advise on a wide range of tax matters.

Four times a year, each quarter, we count the number of blog posts submitted by each tax expert and we award the highest contributors. The third quarter Top Tax Blogger Awards go to the following Tax Bloggers:

1) Ronald Marini, Marini & Associates, Miami, FL – Click To View Ronald’s Posts

2) Brian Mahany, Managing Partner, Mahany & Ertl, Milwaukee, WI

3) Virginia La Torre Jeker, US Tax Attorney – Click To View Virginia’s Posts

4) Harold Goedde, Tax Practitioner, Clifton Park, New York – Click To View Harold’s Posts

5) Annette Nellen, Professor, San Jose State University, California – Click to View Annette’s Posts

We are very excited to have this opportunity to award and promote the outstanding members who contribute to TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs.

In accordance with Circular 230 Disclosure

A View of The IRS Through Corporate Insider Eyes – Corporate Tax Audit Survival – Part 6

Reference Cliff Jernigan's eBook Corporate Tax Audit SurvivalThis is Part [6] of a series of a Chapter in the eBook “Corporate Tax Audit Survival – A View of The IRS Through Corporate Insider Eyes” by Cliff Jernigan.

You can download the entire eBook here.

Sample From Chapter 4: “I am From Mars”

Because of my experiences in the private sector, I sometimes had difficulty fitting into the IRS fabric.

One example of this involved the high-profile debate about whether stock options should be expensed for financial statement purposes. This issue was extraordinarily intense during the 2003-2004 time period, with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) arguing that stock options should be reflected as an expense on the financial statements while industry argued that they should be reflected as an item on the balance sheet. Most employees in the high-technology sector agreed that they should be reflected as an item on the balance sheet, and I strongly supported the high-technology position.

This topic has no bearing on the filing of a corporate tax return. For tax return purposes, stock option exercises usually are treated as an income tax expense.

My colleagues in the IRS often would argue about this issue over lunch or at other meetings. Almost universally they Read more

TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs Traffic Soars On Posts Related To “Obama Care”

TaxConnections CEO and Blogger Kat Jennings posts high traffic with Obama Care PostsTraffic on blogs related to Obama Care have recently soared due to consumers interest in tax increases associated with the new healthcare plan. With more than one billion consumers going online for tax advice each year, TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blog has grown into a valuable resource for tax information.

“Our site traffic increased 20X over the last six months, we are paying close attention to what is trending. Obama Care posts send our traffic soaring through the roof. People want to be informed about the tax increases associated with Obama Care, in a language they can understand, and that is what we give them at TaxConnections”, states Kat Jennings, Founder and CEO of TaxConnections, a niche authority site of tax experts. There are numerous tax hikes that accompany Obama Care that largely affect families and small businesses that include:

1) Investment Income 3.8 Surtax on income earned over $200,000 for single head of households, and $250,00 for income earned on combined households over $250,000. The 3.8% Surtax does not apply to Non-Resident Aliens.

2) Individual Mandate Excise Tax and Employer Mandate Tax, states that anyone not buying “Qualifying Health Insurance” must pay an income surtax of 1%-2.5%. If an Employer does not offer health care coverage, and at least one employee qualifies for a health tax credit, the employer must pay an additional non-deductible tax of $2000 for all full-time employees. This applies to all employers with fifty or more employees. If any employee Read more

A View of The IRS Through Corporate Insider Eyes – Corporate Tax Audit Survival – Part 5

Reference Cliff Jernigan's eBook Corporate Tax Audit SurvivalThis is Part [5] of a series of a Chapter in the eBook “Corporate Tax Audit Survival- A View of The IRS Through Corporate Insider Eyes” by Cliff Jernigan.

You can download the entire eBook here.

Sample From Chapter 4: “The System”

One of my first IRS assignments was to co-manage a project associated with updating the corporate tax return filing system.

Together with another LMSB executive, I met with a group of IRS employees who had been detailed to a design team for this purpose. An outside consulting firm had been hired to assist the IRS team.

The design team and outside consultant had been discussing options for several weeks. Every wall of the meeting room was plastered with large sheets of paper listing the pros and cons of the project. I asked if they had arrived at any conclusions, and they said they had gotten so mired down in the project details that they were having trouble making any recommendations.

The group asked us to review a report that they were writing to management. We suggested they compose an executive summary to the document in order to help crystallize their thinking. They went back to work and returned with a ten-page executive summary for a 50-page report. Furthermore, the report contained no conclusions. They simply had not been able to identify the major issues. Read more