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Tag Archive for Kat Jennings – CEO

Alerting CFOs And Tax Executives – Tax Reform Has Big Impact On Hiring For Corporate Tax Departments

Kat Jennings, CEO TaxConnections

There is something about to happen that most companies are totally unprepared for with tax reform. How do I know? I was right in the middle of the impact of tax reform on corporations during President Reagan’s TRA (Tax Reform Act) of 1986. There is no doubt many of today’s CFOs and corporate tax executives are totally unprepared for what is to come under President Trump’s tax plan. President Trump’s tax reform is guaranteed to create many new jobs in corporate tax just like it did in 1986. Here is why…

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2015 Is The Year of The Tax Professional – Learn Why

2015 is the “Year of The Tax Professional” for many reasons you will discover as you become more familiar with TaxConnections. As a leading tax media network, TaxConnections is focused on building a media strategy for tax professionals. With more than 4000 members from 75 countries, what has emerged is a community of tax professionals working together to gain higher visibility and leverage on the web as a community banding together. In our case, aggregating tax professionals with a wide range of expertise in cooperation, communication, cross education is better for tax professionals and the taxpayers who want to find them. Taxpayers looking for tax expertise no longer have to research cluttered websites to find the tax expertise they need.  Likewise, tax professionals do not have to pay expensive advertising fees to get noticed as they can now remove themselves from all the Read more