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Tag Archive for IRS Tax Audits

Is The IRS Pursuing A Criminal Charge Against You?

Venar Ayar - IRS Criminal Charges

The percentage of criminal charges filed against taxpayers in the United States in 2019 is generally lower than it has been in the previous years. The chances of undergoing a criminal investigation by the IRS are therefore minimal. However, you might still find yourself part of that small percentage with no idea how to address their tax issues and avoid a prison sentence. Tax issues are very complex and mistakes are bound to happen.

How Does The IRS Recognize Tax Fraud?

The IRS has become more understanding and lenient when it comes to errors in calculations and other honest mistakes, for instance, miscalculating the amount of Earned Income Tax Credit. This is a painful mistake with its consequences but it is not likely to trigger a criminal investigation.  Purposely concealing records such as a bank account from an auditor, on the other hand, is a sure way to call for probe into your situation. What scenarios then, may lead to a criminal investigation by the IRS?

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How Long Does A Typical IRS Tax Audit Take?

Venar Ayar, How long does an IRS tax audit take?
Tax Audit Time Frame

The Internal Revenue Service regularly performs tax audits of both corporate taxpayers and individuals. Although tax audits are conducted year-long, they often spike during the few months after the tax season, especially when problematic or misleading returns come under the IRS microscope.

Irrespective of when an “examination” or audit commences, an IRS auditor would be assigned to your case.

While IRS tax auditors are trained to be efficient, they’re also well trained to be comprehensive and thorough – and depending, to a large extent, on the structure and complexity of the individual or company’s tax situation, the IRS audit process usually takes more time than you may estimate as a taxpayer.

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