JASON FREEMAN, JD - IRS Forms VS. Statues - Net Capital Loss Deduction

Powell and Iakovenko v. Comm’r, T.C. Summary Opinion, 2022-19 | Copeland, J. | Docket No. 20268-19S

(Freeman Law Tax Court In Brief)

Short Summary

Petitioners claimed a $123,822 long-term capital loss deduction on their 2017 return, far in excess of the $3,000.00 per year limit on the net capital loss deduction. Due to this miscalculation, the Petitioners reported $1,001 in AGI for the year. They also received an advance premium tax credit (APTC) in monthly installments during their 2017 tax year under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care. In response, the IRS issued a math error notice limiting the net capital loss deduction to $3,000. The IRS then examined the petitioners return, concluding that household income disqualified the petitioners for the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). Thus, the IRS determined that: petitioners were not entitled to a PTC of $636 previously credited to them; they had an excess APTC of $17,652; and after allowing $4,000 of newly claimed tuition and fee deductions, they had a resulting deficiency of $17,288 for the 2017 tax year.

Key Issue

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