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Tag Archive for IRS Foreign Reporting Requirements

IRS Reporting Requirements For Gifts From A Foreign Person

Certain events, such as when a U.S. taxpayer receives a gift from a foreign person, trigger an international tax filing requirement. This event triggers the requirement to file form 3520. In general, the Form 3520 is merely an informational return, as foreign gifts typically do not result in tax consequences for the taxpayer. However, there are some significant penalties for failing to file a Form 3520 in connection with a foreign gift (1).

What is a Foreign Gift?

A foreign gift is money or other property received by a U.S. taxpayer from a foreign person. To be considered a foreign gift, the recipient must elect to treat the property or money as a gift or bequest, and exclude the amount from gross income. Note, however, that amounts paid for qualified tuition or medical payments made on behalf of a U.S. person are not Read more