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Learn How To Clear Your Cache – Cell Phone And Computer

Clear Cache

We want to make certain you have a fresh view of Virtual Offices in the cloud on your cell phone. Our wonderful IT Team reminded us to tell people to clear their cell phone browsers. For those of you who may not be familiar with what you need top do to clear your desktop or cell phone browser cache, we will give you an important lesson today.

You need to clear your browser cache on your cell phone and computer because it prevents you from using old forms, it helps run applications better, and it protects your personal information. Clear your cache is the first response tech experts advise you to do when you encounter webpage problems.

The browser cache exists because of a basic assumption made by browser designers: the internet is slow. It is always much faster to get something from the hard disk on your computer than it is to get it from the internet. Browser designers noticed that most websites have many of the same elements on multiple pages. For example, if you see a company logo at the top of every page of a website, why download the same logo over and over again on every page you look at? Why not just download it once and then keep a copy so we can display it again without downloading it every time to your desktop computer or cell phone?

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