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TAX EXPERTS WANTED: TaxConnections Spotlighting Tax Experts In 2015

One of the great advantages of working at is our ability to observe behind the scenes traffic and analytics. As I write this blog today, we are observing about 300 hits a minute coming into the TaxConnections site searching for tax expertise. What is even more fascinating is that visitors are spending 14 minutes on average looking around our site. What makes the TaxConnections Community powerful is the range of tax experts who are easily discovered by our visitors with our tax media marketing technology. We also receive calls and email messages daily from people searching for all types of tax expertise and we refer this new business to our members. To benefit from technology that promotes your tax services to our incoming daily traffic, you must take action and join us as a TaxConnections Member. Read more

500,000 Taypayers Meet TaxConnections Tax Experts Internet Summit – September 2015

What do you get when you invite half a million people to come listen to tax experts for free at TaxConnections? We are going to invite 500,000 people from the United States and abroad to meet Tax Experts associated with If you are not yet a member of TaxConnections now is the time to join this exciting community. If you would like to be a sponsor or tax expert speaker at this exciting event held on the internet please contact us today. We have a limited number of tax expert speakers who will be promoted to rock star status during this extraordinary event.  You must be a member of TaxConnections to be considered as one of the speakers for this event.  For more information on Sponsorship go to:

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TaxConnections Announces 500,000 Taxpayers Meet Tax Experts During Internet Summit

During July 2015, TaxConnections will bring together 500,000 Taxpayers and Tax Experts in the first internet tax summit of this kind.

With the number of taxpayers calls taken by the IRS dropping to an estimated 38.5% this year, taxpayers need more answers than they are currently receiving. TaxConnections mission is bringing visibility to our tax professional members and connecting them to taxpayers who need their help!

Based upon polling, we are currently talking to speakers and sponsors on the following topics: Small Business, Internet Tax, FATCA, Tax Audits, Marijuana Tax, Healthcare Tax, Cadillac Tax and more…

If you would like to participate in this very exciting 500,000 Taxpayers and Tax Experts Internet event, please contact today! Or, call 858-999-0053.

I Want To Join TaxConnections

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